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whats the point of having an account?

For vocal presence, try setting a frequency band around 3kHz and boost the db (amplitude) slider up somewhat. Then slide the kHz (frequency) slider around between around 1.5 and 6kHz until you find the sweet spot. Then slide Q slider around (probably down) until it’s best. Tweak the Amplitude again. (Actually, once you’re in the zone, just twiddle all three until it’s best.) I often find that a lower Q level brings it more into focus.

For bass do the same kind of thing, but finding the sweet spot between 90 and 250kHz.

Then if you choose “Sort bands by frequency” from the Folder icon pop-up menu, the end result will be sorted from low to high.

I have purchased the b&o h95 I listen to mainly metal, what the best eq?

Hey guys, what’s the present of having loud bass sound quality and vocal quality?

only disabling the dylib didnt fix it
it had be uninstalled

Try disable EQManager for mail with Choicy

EqManager | iOS 16.3 | Dopamine
causes an issue with the stock mail app.
The mail app doesn’t stay active in background when the tweak is installed.

No issues with EQE X only
gets automatically terminated when going back to Home Screen


Respring or killing mediaserv fixes it of course
Sometimes this eqe sound settings switch back to off
Dunno if sth with mediaserv or sth
Hey what was that addon again to change presets automatically for different playback devices

If or whenever Apple *finally* implements a system-wide parametric equalizer^, I'll likewise update my 12 mini to said version of iOS.

But until then? Not happening. Worse comes to worst (apps **need** iOS 17 or later)? I'll take my fallback SE still on 13.5 everywhere I go.

^ - IOW, right around when Hell freezes over, pigs start flying, and political extremists sing Kumbaya around a campfire with any/all moderates.

My favourite jailbreak tweak is eqe

My whole jailbreak phone is dedicated for eqe and music app
Same as well

Everything else is just a nice bonus
eqe is the only reason I jailbreak tbh

Love this tweak till the day I die. I cannot listen to music without eqe

thank you sm

if rootless `/var/jb/com.r333d.eqe/db/presets`

otherwise `/var/tweak/com.r333d.eqe/db/presets`

where I put the presets
how do I use the Eqe
someone can help me

ight send it to me then 🤣 jk

If someone’s gonna do all that for an iPhone 7 i would jus let them have it ngl

anyway you can release this?


by just reinstalling my jailbreak
i fixed it

Do you have legacy arm64 support

<#929210687685787750> don't use cypawn


i want the release version but whenver i do install it from cypw4n it triggers a userspace reboot

crash when i updated sileo default packages to the latest version
i also tried eqe from cypwn and i can open it but i cant open the latest version of eqe
but the sound is working fine, i can still hear the bass and sound effects from eqe but crash

this works perfect, thx

Nvm I got it, I forgot i installed Filza through TrollStore instead of sileo. Had to remove and install and it finally kicked on🤦🏽‍♂️
Im on 15.1 with dopamine 2.1.5 and none of the eqe apps are working and I'm trying the latest versions

afaik it's just rootless issue, should work fine otherwise

with EQManager tweak maybe

Tho you’d have to be on iOS 14 or lower, I don’t think Activator works on anything higher (?)
Maybe Activator can do that

Is it possible to use the equalizer only when a Bluetooth connection is established, or at least when it is turned on? if not, is it possible to add this with updates?

I absolutely love this app.. the only reason I jailbreak But I’m on a ipad 6 ios 17.0.2 jail broken with winra1n 2.1 rootless. Download the latest deb EQE I believe it’s the latest. Haven’t worked for a long time now…and still won’t work anything i do. I’ve been in the game for awhile now so I’m kinda know what to do. If any help would be so appreciated as this is my all time favourite app! Thanks in advance