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good afternoon
It's just ldid and sed
I remember having to use this many moons ago. Not sure if it would work 1:1, but surely it works with a little tweaking
Doesn't Jake James have a patcher just for this?

yes i know, it doesnt make a difference

But again, I really appreciate what you just did
/var/jb should be considered as / so the final path should be /var/jb/var/tweak/… also the executables (and everything else too) need to be under /var/jb/
I really appreciate it, thank you, but this isn’t right 😅

and of course some non-critical things will still be broken no matter what you do (like the "Kill mediaserverd" button)
but that should save a lot of headache
all of the Lua scripts, postinst scripts, launchdaemon plists still use `/var/tweak/com.r333d.eqe` so you will have to change those manually and rebuild the deb
this deb^ changes all of the hardcoded `/var/tweak/com.r333d.eqe` paths to `/var/jb/com.r333d.eqe`
actually here

Okay, thank you, I’ll look into it

i dont have time to fix it atm but this seems fairly trivial
yeah thats what i mean, you would have to binary patch that stuff

So if you have a hardcoded path to for example /usr/libexec/eqe_setuid then moving it to /var/jb/usr/libexec will cause trouble

actually you definitely will need to do some binary patching
prolly need to do some binary patching tho.
yeah, should work then
wow ok

And tweaks don’t install to / but to /var/jb/ for example
Like for example you have /var/jb and inside you have your system, library, usr, bin, and so on
But rootless jailbreaks do have a root user, they just don’t use the root partition but instead make a jailbreak folder and put root directory structure inside

root file system? wut
root user

If you mean root user then that not an issue, rootless JBs still have root. If you mean root file system then would it be possible to patch it or something? Also are there any hard linked paths to rootfs folders?
What do you mean by “uses root”?

its on port 27724
you can try editing `/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.r333d.eqed.plist` and see if you can connect to it with the command `eqe daemon`
EQE in its current state cannot work on rootless because the daemon (called `eqed`) uses root. but who knows maybe you can start the daemon without root
it needs to:

- hook C functions in mediaserverd
- mediaserverd needs to be able to connect to a TCP server on localhost
- start a daemon that can start a TCP server

Another thing is PAC/PPL, would that affect EQE?
I mean, first of all the file paths are all over the place so I guess after putting them in a fake root folder (preboot/…/JB/), would they still be linked together or are they hard linked to specific paths?
The question is what would be needed for it to work? If even possible
Yeah I realized that a bit later

Too Baked For Pie ٴ
Won't work

<@241064569991069696> sorry for ping but would you mind telling me the bare minimum of system integration that EQE needs to work? (just EQ itself with a single preset)
Like which executables and dylibs, etc
I’m getting tired of carrying around a separate phone for music tbh 😅
If it wouldn’t work, anyone got any ideas what would need to be patched/hacked in EQE to work on true rootless JB?
Anyone want to try the xina version on that?
Apparently Fugu15 with tweak injection is released as a public beta. (Because someone leaked the build for tweak developers)

Does EQE support Rootless?

Thank you that worked

Repo for PowerSelector is:
If unsure how to do so via NewTerm2 or MTerminal, get PowerSelector.
UserSpace Reboot or LDRestart; UserSpace Reboot (NOT a full Reboot) is the preferable choice.

Been having this problem everyday when I wake up. I’m on an iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 14.0.1 and unc0ver jailbreak
How would I go about fixin this

Mr Chang
when i play in ios with my airpods or any headset on the sound drops so low i can't hear footstep at all