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Reverse chronological order.

looking good so far! major ui work 😅
and ytdlp ❤️

Pikachu go speen

SSH only
no itunes
this is the jailed/appstore version

never, however i’m not sure on the progress but deer is working on a standalone app that’ll work with itunes and external sources (similar too a media player), though it will not be a system wide EQ. it won’t be possible without a jailbreak. honestly i’m waiting on this 😅
um no. sus if they tried to make people pay for something they don’t own

If the normal one uses it then its fine; but it isn’t there in the version that I saw before
I don’t think it’s necessary malicious; but it’s way too large to properly check

It does have some weird text in it that makes me wonder if it is trying to MITM Stripe credentials (either that or the Stripe devs somehow forgot to remove server-side language from their binary lol)
It isn’t in the non-cypwn version at all afaik
Cuz the CyPwn one uses a dylib that is clearly used for payments with stripe of some kind
(The payment processor)
Serious question regarding the CyPwn version:

Does the project, for any reason, need to use Stripe?

and i have the same iOS and CPU
follow this i got it working with this

Hello guys im on ios 16.1.2 (A14 CPU), there some steps i can follow? i have the latest version of Dopamine installed
shit. would be nice though cause i don’t plan on jailbreaking my main device

not at all

laetus theme onyx

What keyboard are you using?
any chance that EQE could possibly work for trollstore?

the best for me

eh u could prob get Corellium

this is too slow
damn i need to get a test device

Which is a symlink to

is this the correct path for substrate on Dopamine 2?

the one with the same name as your headphones?

yep just go through and test em with your setup

Depending on your gear

what’s sum presets y’all recommend?

tl;dr i’m gonna do a fresh jb wipe in the morning and retest rootless cause maybe i got left over stuff possibly breaking (_stares at xinamine_), and i can look into debugging mediaserver. i got frida working which i’m happy
yes/no. read
but i don’t think the scripts is an issue anymore
and i guess the maintainer scripts and imports
i think deer has made significant changes in recent version than the old patched checkra1n version, reason you may see some differences BUT the important piece(s) is with mediaserver dylib. nobody has the actual source besides deer (unless it’s dumped re-compiled pseudo code (i doubt))

Whats up


(Before proceeding further, please stop by the graveyard that is <#1129832766058541177> )

eqe work on dopamine ios 16.5.1?

The entire structure is different
The reason I say they have the source code is that it differs in very distinct ways that make it all but impossible to be a simple patch job
But I can tell you one thing:

Either whoever made the cypwn version HAS THE SOURCE CODE AND COMPILED IT THAT WAY

or they took a premade malicious app wrapper (from some unique files in the deb it is dated around April 2021) and then threw eqe into it (and were nice enough to also patch it for rootless :)
I haven’t found anything malicious (yet)