1 year ago

If you install FlipControlCenter, you can press a button in the CC and it brings up an overlay with the controls.

12 months ago

The EQ still does not come up as an overlay. When I tap the control center flip switch, it opens up as a separate application, and kicks me back to home screen up on exit. I noticed in the screenshot in this thread there's a little close button up in the top left. It does not appear on iOS 9 33

12 months ago

I believe you selected the wrong option, you have to go into FlipControlCenter > Active Switches (Bottom Shelf) > Drag EQE: Main Controls to Active Switches

12 months ago

Oh yes, IC. I simply chose EQ everywhere for flip control center. Actually I use polis. I didn't go into sub possibilities where you can choose open app or open controls. I wouldn't have ever thought to look at alternate options, I suppose having open controls as the default would solve anyone from skipping over that, but there are several options so I guess that wouldn't work either, anyway it works now thanks!

10 months ago

I hope if the EQE shortcut can also be added to CCSettings tweak. I mainly use CCS over FCC is because CCS has Kill Background, Kill music and White list options.