4 years ago

I got a lot of reports that the EQE app does not work in g0blin.

It is a bug in g0blin which needs to be fixed by sticktron.

Thankfully there is a workaround. Heres what you have to do:

  1. Delete the file /Applications/EQE.app/EQE.lua
  2. Move the file /var/tweak/com.r333d.eqe/bin/EQE.exe to the /Applications/EQE.app folder
  3. Rename EQE.exe to EQE.lua
  4. Open terminal, and run the uicache command (as mobile, not root)
  5. Try to open the app. If it still crashes, reboot and then rejailbreak.

This will take up 1.5MB on your system partition.

REMEMBER TO DO THIS AS WELL: Every time you rejailbreak, you will have to go into the EQE app, click the ? icon, and then click restart mediaserverd. Jailbreaks are supposed to do this automatically, but g0blin doesn't.


EQE automatically stashes itself to free disk space in the system partition. But g0blin has a bug where it can't properly open stashed apps, so it ends up just crashing at launch. These instructions will un-stash EQE. So the tradeoff is you lose space in the system partition, but the app works.

Doing this is safe

If you uninstall EQE or upgrade EQE or switch jailbreaks nothing weird will happen. All the files are still being tracked by Cydia. The only thing it does is take 1.5MB extra space on the system partition.

However, if you update EQE, it will reset all the files and you will have to go through those instructions again.

/r/jailbreak thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/comments/7xvsql/tutorial_how_to_fix_eqe_in_g0blin/