1 year ago

iOS version: 9.3.5, iPhone4,1 (4S)

eqe v1.6

Apple Music (local music only, not Apple music streaming subscription):

--Inside Apple Music app with eqe tweak enabled, music will continue playing until the end of track, 25% of the time it will advance to the next track when screen goes to sleep, but most of the time stops at the end of the song. AS soon as the phone is unlocked, the --Artwork always lags on last song played before screen turned off. Song title will accurately show what is playing however.

iSub app: --Music begins to skip as soon as app is minimized. When screen goes to sleep, the buffer plays the same .25 sound over and over again until phone is unlocked, and starts playing normal again as soon as the app is again back in focus.

Update: Reboot and re-enabling jailbreak seems to have resolved this for now. If it happens again, I'll try disabling the extension to isolate if this is the cause.

Update #2: The artwork still freezes on the lockscreen, but the track is advancing. When skipping song within playlist from lock screen, the artwork corrects to current playing song.

1 year ago

Apple music: Can't seem to reproduce this on my end. Seems like the hook for the playback history tracker is causing some lag on the app's main thread? I changed the code so it's asynchronous. Have no clue if it will work, I'll send you the deb on Discord in a sec.

iSub: I sometimes experience issues like this as well, where the audio stutters for a little bit. I still haven't managed to pinpoint the cause. Restarting mediaserverd seems to fix it when it happens, though.

1 year ago

The track transition issue from the lock screen seems to be gone completely with the new file, the artwork is still lagging every few songs, but nothing affecting performance.


1 year ago

Don't know how to add a new report. I set up an equalizer in the app and when I try to adjust the settings for the bands it crashes the play back while I am setting it.

Looks like I have the same problem with apps picking up, so far the only app that was detected was TuneShell. The regular music app, Pandora, Spotify, etc. don't seem to detect. Neither does the built-in player that is embedded in Filza.

I also have equalizer everywhere installed but I zeroed that out

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Have you tried reinstalling RocketBootstrap?

1 year ago

Yah, App still crashes play back when you try to adjust the equalizer, especially with higher Freq bands

1 year ago

Can you post a tweak list? And what device/iOS?

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1 year ago

never mind, PMed him on reddit. the issue is now fixed :D