1 year ago

I have an FM transmitter for my car. And i've bought so many in the past month. This one seems to be the best quality for everything I need, but once tiny issue is here that I think can be sovled with EQE (which i use all the time with activator and other presets). The S sounds in song clip/distort. Like someone singing excessiveness would clip on all the S sounds. Is there a real simple frequency change or band I can lower just slightly for that?

Bless your soul for all the hard work and your time. -H

12 months ago

From my experience, clipping happens if you amplify something too much, put curves that go below 0hz or above 100k hz or very extended curves above 20k hz, or if you enable mono output in Accessibility options in iOS. My cheap mono to stereo adapter adds 1 dB noise.