1 year ago

Hi guys, There is an app called “UrbanDenoiser” wich has one very cool option:

U can test your hearing and it makes an “eq” for each ear, based on the differences between them so u can experience the music in a personal/perfect way.

Is there any posibility to add an option like this in EQE so when u change the preset it reacts according to your own flaws?

1 year ago

There's a similar feature in EQE, click on the numbers at the bottom, which will pull up this menu:

then click on Channels and change it from L/R to L or R.

You have to do it over and over again per band, it's kinda tedious but that will get the job done

1 year ago

Thanx for your answer.

However i cannot use different profiles for each ear. Or at least i coundn’t figure out how to.

For example i need for my left ear at 250hz +1.5db and for my right ear also at 250hz i need to have -1db. And for each freq it is different for each ear.

1 year ago

yes, if i understand you correctly, what you desire is possible using the method i described